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Takazuri Kita is a quiet house and cafe deep in the mountains.
It's our home, and we hope that, even if for just a short time, you can experience it as your own chance to try living this mountain life.
For us the "mountain life" means includes everything from the sunny days to the rainy skies, the cold and the heat, forests filled with life, hillsides flowing with streams, all sorts of things to eat, night skies overflowing with stars, the air thick with snowflakes, knowledge passed down through generations, and a way of live that requires everyone to work together, the good and the bad, all of that is a part of life here.
We also hope that each of our guests can enjoy our home in their own way.
Coming together to the cafe to talk with other guests, or spending their time on their own relaxing in our guestrooms or the reading area.
The area around our home is overflowing with nature and we hope you'll walk around and explore, or just take some time to sit outside.
We hope you'll explore all of the unique things this area has to offer.


We moved here as a couple in April of 2015 from Chiba prefecture. At that time we didn't have a job, a home, or any sort of connection here, but we decided to try living in the mountains of Gokayama. We've been welcomed into the community and we've found a family in the community here.

Living here might seem hard, but when things are tough everyone bands together to help each other.

In the summer of 2017 we began working with local carpenters to renovate our home. Everything we could do ourselves we we did, and we also received help from our families, and the many friends who came to help. This time, when so many people came together to help us is a precious memory.

On January 22, 2018 we first opened our guesthouse Takazuri Kita.

The name "Takazuri Kita" comes from the name of this neighborhood "Takasore," and "Kita" is a play on the original name of this home. Try asking anyone in Gokayama where Takazuri Kita is and there's a very good chance they'll be able to point you our way.

多賀野 公太

Kanako Tagano

多賀野 香菜子


Kota​ Tagano


We have a total of three rooms, with two dormitories and one private rooms.



Mixed Dormitory
​JPY 4,000/per/stay
​​whole bedroom rental  JPY 36,000/room/stay

This room has 4 bunk beds, for a total of 8 spaces.

This is a beautiful room with its high ceiling and sloping roof. We've made the beds larger than a standard bunk, to allow our guests their own private space. From the window you can see the neighborhood on the the other side of the river, and the large curving bridge across, in front of a backdrop of layered mountains. The face of this landscape changes beautifully with the seasons as well.

Each bed is seperated with a curtain, allowing a private space for each guest. Each bunk has its own electrical outlet and light as well, allowing you to relax in your own space.


Female Dormitory
​JPY 4,000/per/stay
​​※Whole bedroom rental  JPY 18,000/room/stay


This rooms has 2 bunk beds, for a total of 4 spaces.

This is a slightly smaller space, but the female dormitory allows our guests their own space. This room is East-facing, letting in the morning light each day. It faces the mountains behind our home, and the neighborhood in front of the home.

Each bed is seperated with a curtain, allowing a private space for each guest. Each bunk has its own electrical outlet and light as well, allowing you to relax in your own space.


AMANOMA  Private Room
​JPY 15,000/room/stay

This a a Japanese style room with tatami flooring and futons. It can fit up to two people, and the price of the room is the same for one guest as for two.
It's built in the traditional style, with white walls finished with clay paint, and a cozy fit for those staying. It's position above the cafe means that you can hear the friendly conversation from below as well. We do ask that guests travelling with small children stay in a private room and not the dormitories. Contact us for more information.



Common Facilities

FREE Wi-Fi 、Common Kitchen、OE room(Common Living)、Cafe、
4 Toilet rooms、2 Shower rooms、​Shampoo、Conditioner、BodySoap、HandSoap、Hair dryer、
​If you cook for yourself, please eat it in OE room

Paid Service

Bath Towel JPY500、Rental Cycle JPY1,000/day、ToothBrush JPY100、

Washmachine JPY200、Mask JPY100、Earplug JPY100、Sanitary Pad JPY100、

​​Please tell me if you have any kind of trouble.

​Takazuri CAFE

​Takazuri Kita also has a cafe space as well. Guests staying here, local faces, and those travelling through - everyone is welcome to visit. This is a place where all sorts of information is passed back and forth, and a meeting place for everyone who comes. 
The space can also be used for various events, so on some days there may be entertainment as well.
The menu features food that we ourselves can feel good about eating. The menu changes to feature the fruits of each season, and local ingredients grown by our neighbors.

Cafe 15:00 - 21:00  ( Please place dinner orders by 18:00 )
*There may be other days we are closed as well



Original Brend Coffee            500

Chai                                              500

Orange Juice                              400​



Boar Meet Curry & Rice  set    1,800​​

Bear Roast smoked ham  set     1,800

Gokayama Tofu set                     1,800

​HotSand                                             700



Bottled Beer                       600

Local "Gokayama" Sake            500
Other Alchol                  500



Guest House for Mountain Living

Takazuri Kita

1031 Inotani,Nanto CIty,Toyama Pref

Tel: 0763-77-3325


 Check  In 15:00~21:00     Check Out  ~10:00

​ Located in Mountain Village.
 We kindly ask you to refrain from  check in after 21:00~.

Cafe & Bar       15:00~21:00

 Open Sat, Sun, Holidays, and when we have guests visiting.



By Car

From Tokyo : 5.5 hours
Chuo Expressway - Matsumoto - Tokai Hokuriku Expressway

From Tokyo : 6 hours
Kan-Etsu Expressway - Joetsu Expressway - Hokuriku Expressway

From Nagoya : 2.5 hours
Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway 

From Osaka : 4.5 hours
Meishin Expressway - Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway 

By Train & Bus

タカズーリ喜多 五箇山 富山 南砺 アクセスマップ

From Tokyo : 4.5 hours
Hokuriku Shinkansen to Takaoka Station, then take the World Heritage Bus to the Kaminashi or the Kaimukura bus stop

From Nagoya : 4 hours
Kito Kito Liner Bus (Iruka Kotsu Bus Company) to the Gokayama Inter bus stop, then take the World Heritage Bus to the Kaminashi or the Kaimukura bus stop

From Osaka : 6.5 hours
Thunderbird Express Train to Kanazawa, take the Takayama line highway bus to the Gokayama Suganuma bus stop (only available from April to November), then take the World Heritage Bus to the Kaminashi or the Kaimukura bus stop

Bus Stop: Our home is located the same distance from either the Kaminashi or the Kamukura bus stops.
It's 23 minutes on foot from either stop.

If you need us to come pick you up, please let us know when you make your booking.

​From the Kaminashi Bus Stop
(we recommend this route,
since it features more to see along the way)

Take the road near the Gokayama Sanso sign, and the cafe Sakusuke, and cross the bridge across the river. The home Murakami-ke located in this area is also designated as a national treasure.

From Kaimukura
(there's a stop to buy Tofu on the way)

Take the road leading towards Kamitaira Elementary School. There's and underground bypass that will be a shortcut for you. Right before you turn there's also the Yamamoto Tofu Shop.


​Follow the road as it turns to the right immediately in front of the school.

Across from the bridge there are steps leading up to a small old hut, continuing up past the hut you will pass Gokayama Sanso (a hotel), which also has an onsen available for visitors as well.

You will continue down the road to the right and through the Tamukai neighborhood, where the old Gassho-style house called Habakei is located

​Cross the Inotani Bridge and turn left as the road comes to an end.


Cross the Yutani Bridge. (before the bridge on the left hand side is a road which leads up to the trail to climb Mt. Ningyozan).

Climb up the steep road and you will come to a Y intersection. Take the right-hand road leading up the mountain.


If you go straight you will reach a Y shaped intersection, take a very sharp left and continue up the road.

​Follow the road as it makes a hairpin curve, we're the second house on the right after you turn.

There's a hairpin curve in the road. Once you've passed the turn we're the second house on the right.


Please reserve via Telephone, or through or booking form.

For other inquiries you can contact us through our email:

A Note Before You Make Your Reservation


・We accept reservations up to 3 months in advance.

・We will reply to your reservation request within 1 to days of receipt, and this confirmation will complete your booking. In the rare event that we haven't replied to your request, please call us directly to confirm. (If you want to make a same-day or next-day reservation, making your reservation by phone is the surest way to make sure we receive it).

・Reservations by phone can be made after 3 PM.

・Check-in is from 15:00 to 21:00, Checkout is before 10. We ask that our guests be quiet following lights-out at night.

・We can store your luggage for you before check-in if necessary. There are times we may not be home, so please let us know in advance.

・Room prices do not include meals, and we ask that our guests pay in cash, and with Japanese yen.

・Please be aware that we charge a cancellation fee for cancellations within 3 days of a booking. 
(cancellations from 3 days before to 1 day before will incur a fee of 50% of the room price, same day cancellations and no-shows will incur 100% of the room price)


・All areas of the home are non-smoking.

・We ask that children in elementary school or younger stay in the private rooms, and not the dormitories. If you have any questions about rooms, or anything else, please feel free to contact us.

・If you arrive by bus, or home is roughly 20 minutes walk from either the Kaminashi or the Kaimukura stops. We recommend the walk from Kaminashi, as it features more to see along the way. If you will have difficulty walking here, please let us known and we can come to pick you up. Please note that we are unable to provide transportation to Shirakawa-go or Johana station.

・If you will arrive be car, we do have free parking available for up to three cars. Please let us know whether you will need to park a car when you make your booking.

・If you would like to eat breakfast in our cafe, you can make a breakfast reservation when you check in.

・We ask that guests eat and drink in the cafe or living room, and not in the guest rooms.

・Our rooms do not have locks, but we do have lockers available for guest to store their valuables. Please be aware that we assume no responsibility in the event that items are lost or stolen during your stay.

・We provide sheets and bedding, and ask that guests make their own bed.

・The Gokayama area is visited by a fair amount of stink bugs in the spring and fall. We can teach you how to deal with them if you visit in this time.

・In the summer there are horse flies and gnats, long pants may be best.

・Our rooms have air-conditioning, but this area doesn't get as hot in the summer as many other places do. If you open the window in your room the cool mountain breeze will flow through as well.

・In the winter we recommend wearing rubber boots to help with the cold and snow. We do have heat, but because this is an older home it can get chilly. This area is famous in Japan for the massive amount of snow that falls here in winter, and we run mountain stream water over the walkway in front of the house to melt snow as well. Please wear shoes which won't easily get wet.

AMA(Private Room)    :Capacity 2 persons

FD(Female Dormitory):Capacity 4 persons

MD(Mixed Dormitory):Capacity 8 persons



△:Few in stock



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