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​From the Kaminashi Bus Stop
(we recommend this route,
since it features more to see along the way)

Take the road near the Gokayama Sanso sign, and the cafe Sakusuke, and cross the bridge across the river. The home Murakami-ke located in this area is also designated as a national treasure.

Across from the bridge there are steps leading up to a small old hut, continuing up past the hut you will pass Gokayama Sanso (a hotel), which also has an onsen available for visitors as well.

You will continue down the road to the right and through the Tamukai neighborhood, where the old Gassho-style house called Habakei is located

Cross the Yutani Bridge. (before the bridge on the left hand side is a road which leads up to the trail to climb Mt. Ningyozan).

If you go straight you will reach a Y shaped intersection, take a very sharp left and continue up the road.

From Kaimukura
(there's a stop to buy Tofu on the way)

Take the road leading towards Kamitaira Elementary School. There's and underground bypass that will be a shortcut for you. Right before you turn there's also the Yamamoto Tofu Shop.


​Follow the road as it turns to the right immediately in front of the school.

​Cross the Inotani Bridge and turn left as the road comes to an end.


Climb up the steep road and you will come to a Y intersection. Take the right-hand road leading up the mountain.


​Follow the road as it makes a hairpin curve, we're the second house on the right after you turn.

There's a hairpin curve in the road. Once you've passed the turn we're the second house on the right.


By Car

From Tokyo : 5.5 hours
Chuo Expressway - Matsumoto - Tokai Hokuriku Expressway

From Tokyo : 6 hours
Kan-Etsu Expressway - Joetsu Expressway - Hokuriku Expressway

From Nagoya : 2.5 hours
Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway 

From Osaka : 4.5 hours
Meishin Expressway - Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway 

By Train & Bus

タカズーリ喜多 五箇山 富山 南砺 アクセスマップ

From Tokyo : 4.5 hours
Hokuriku Shinkansen to Takaoka Station, then take the World Heritage Bus to the Kaminashi or the Kaimukura bus stop

From Nagoya : 4 hours
Kito Kito Liner Bus (Iruka Kotsu Bus Company) to the Gokayama Inter bus stop, then take the World Heritage Bus to the Kaminashi or the Kaimukura bus stop

From Osaka : 6.5 hours
Thunderbird Express Train to Kanazawa, take the Takayama line highway bus to the Gokayama Suganuma bus stop (only available from April to November), then take the World Heritage Bus to the Kaminashi or the Kaimukura bus stop

Bus Stop: Our home is located the same distance from either the Kaminashi or the Kamukura bus stops.
It's 23 minutes on foot from either stop.

If you need us to come pick you up, please let us know when you make your booking.


Guest House for Mountain Living

Takazuri Kita

1031 Inotani,Nanto CIty,Toyama Pref

Tel: 0763-77-3325


 Check  In  15:00~21:00

​ Located in Mountain Village.
 We kindly ask you to refrain from  check in after 21:00~.

Cafe & Bar       15:00~21:00

 Open Sat, Sun, Holidays, and when we have guests visiting.


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